Apprentice Opportunities

Here are South Central Ambulance Service we are proud to be able to offer the opportunity to join us as an Apprentice.

We are now offering an entry level apprenticeship which is our Apprentice Emergency Care Assistant.

The first 9 months of this apprenticeship will be spent working with our non-emergency Patient Transport Service (PTS). Whilst with PTS you will convey patients to/from outpatient clinics, renal dialysis and other appointments. As well as driving, you will move patients in and out of vehicles using specialist equipment. During your time in PTS, you will learn the fundamentals of patient care, team work and communication which are essential skills you will use throughout your career. A C1 provisional is essential for all candidates at point of application.

In the last 6 months of the apprenticeship you will be deployed as an Emergency Care Assistant (ECA) on the frontline. As an ECA you will work alongside a clinician responding to 999 and 111 calls. As well as driving under emergency conditions, you will work under direct supervision carrying out essential emergency care such as: controlling bleeding, treating wounds or supporting those suffering from a mental health crisis, no two shifts will ever be the same. During your first 6 months as an ECA you will continue working on your apprenticeship until your portfolio and final assessment has been completed.

To show you how you can progress from an Apprentice ECA to a Qualified Paramedic we have created a progression map and this can be found below.

Progression Map

We also offer a the role of Student Paramedic- Apprentice 

The programme is open to existing ambulance service staff serving in patient-facing roles such as emergency care assistants, ambulance technicians and associate ambulance practitioners to develop their careers and become fully-qualified paramedics.

This means the highly respected profession will be open to people to continue to work on the front line while gaining a full BSc (Hons) in Paramedic Practice, allowing each ambulance service to develop its own staff and grow its own workforce.