The Strategy and Business Development department is responsible for:

  • Developing the Trust’s strategy and plans (with Directors, Governors, Managers and Commissioners)
  • Planning and managing the major changes required to achieve the Trust’s strategic goals
  • Running the PMO (Portfolio Management Office) that coordinates and tracks delivery of major projects
  • Coordinating the preparation of bids, either for new services or renewal of existing contracts
  • Facilitating continuous improvement and service redesign across SCAS
  • Managing the Bright Ideas scheme

Roles in Strategy and Business Development include:

  • Head of Service Development
  • Project Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Project Coordinator

Career prospects

The Association of Project Managers (APM) provides three courses:

  • Foundation Qualification in Project Management is for staff who have worked in project management roles for up to two years, or have recently taken on project management responsibilities as part of their job
  • This will include project office personnel, team members and recently appointed project officers. It is a useful qualification for anyone embarking on a project management career, or looking to add project management to their portfolio of skills
  • Practitioner Qualification is for project managers, project co-ordinators and team leaders with experience managing non-complex projects. It is for any relatively experienced professionals looking to demonstrate their ability to manage projects successfully
  • Certificated Project Manager is the qualification for senior project management professionals. Certificated project managers have extensive project management experience and a demonstrable track record in delivering successful business initiatives through projects. It is for skilled and experienced professionals including project and programme directors; programme managers and senior project managers.

To apply, click ‘Find jobs now’ or send your CV to .  If you have any questions, please call 01869-365000 option 1 for the recruitment team.

Entry requirements

For management roles, you will need to be a good leader and have good project management skills.

Some project management roles require specific knowledge and experience in addition to project management skills.