The Communications Team are responsible for making information accessible to patients, staff and the public, helping ensure that the service is accountable.

They also undertake corporate reputation, crisis, brand and public engagement management and work together with stakeholders such as other NHS organisations, emergency services and local authorities.

Roles in Communications and Marketing include:

  • Communications and Marketing Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • Communications and Events Officer
  • Graphic Design and Technologies Manager
  • Web and Social Media Manager
  • Membership, Engagement and Marketing Support Officer

Entry requirements

Entry requirements will vary depending upon the post, although specialist communications or marketing experience will usually be essential. Some staff may enter this role with a background in journalism.

Some trusts may offer the chance to train through an apprenticeship in marketing and communications. Some more senior job advertisements may specify the need for a professional qualification, or a certain number of years of PR / communications experience.

Although not compulsory, there are a range of qualifications available in communications and public relations. These range from diplomas, degrees and masters in public relations or communications.

To apply, click ‘Find jobs now’ or send your CV to .  If you have any questions, please call 01869-365000 option 1 for the recruitment team.

Career prospects

Although the role of communications manager is not currently a regulated career, communications officers can progress to a managerial role. The same applies for marketing, web and design positions.